Training African Refugee Interpreters for Health Related Research
Terri Soelberg, MEd, CRA
Michal Temkin-Martínez, PhD
Mikal Smith, RN, MSN, CTN-B
Pamela Springer, PhD, RN, CNE

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Suggested APA 6th Edition Formatted Reference
Soelberg, T., Temkin-Martínez, M., Smith, M., Springer, P. (2016). Training African refugee interpreters for health related re- search Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 6(1), 102-109. doi: 10.9730/

Abstract: This paper describes an approach to training African refugee interpreters for their role in health-related research. A study was proposed to evaluate the self-reported health of African Refugees in Boise, Idaho. Collaboration with a community advisory board revealed that targeted communities had members who spoke at least one of five main languages, many of whom had limited access to formal education. Interpreters were recruited from the refugee communities, and had either worked for and/or received training through one of two local hospitals. Few of the interpreters had experience serving in that role in the context of a research study. A training program was developed in a workshop format which best suited the unique attributes of these communities. Educational content covered a simplified version of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative training information and workshop sessions to translate study consents, medical release, and research questions.

Keywords: refugees, post-resettlement, Africans, research, health, training, interpretation

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