Health Conditions of Post-Resettlement African Refugees in Boise, Idaho
Mikal Smith, PhD, RN
Pamela Springer, PhD, RN, CNE
Terri Soelberg, MEd, CRA
Pat Lazare, MS
Michal Temkin-Martínez, PhD

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Suggested APA 6th Edition Formatted Reference
Smith, M., Springer, P., Soelberg, T., Lazare, P., Temkin-Martínez, M. (2016). Health conditions of post-resettlement African refugees in Boise, Idaho Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 6(1), 70-82. doi: 10.9730/

Abstract: This study describes the health conditions of African refugees in Boise, Idaho obtained through self-report interviews and medical chart review. Comparisons between self-report data and data obtained through the medical chart review are described. This paper also describes the challenges and successes of collecting health data from African refugees in a health fair setting, the use of interpreters and DVDs with participants who speak seven different languages, and collaborative research with different African refugee groups utilizing community based participatory research. Findings include descriptive statistics related to the health conditions of the population. Comparison of the self-report and medical chart review indicated discrepancies in the areas of limitations to running and walking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and in the need for exercise. Other issues emerged such as concern for safe administration of OTC medications due to parents’ lack of knowledge of their children’s weight.

Keywords: African refugees, post resettlement, health status, health literacy

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